Changyuan in Henan Province is located on the mother river of the Chinese people - the Yellow River. There are ninety-nine bays of the Yellow River, and Changyuan is in the last Bay. Changyuan, Henan Province, is known as the hometown of China crane industry. In 2017, Changyuan crane characteristic equipment manufacturing industry cluster produced 300000 complete machines and 1.65 million (sets) accessories annually, with medium and small tonnage cranes accounting for more than 65% of the Chinese market share and large tonnage high-end cranes accounting for more than 30% of the Chinese market share.

Henan Hongqi crane Machinery Co., Ltd. is a bright pearl inlaid in the "hometown of China crane". Rooted in Changyuan market for more than ten years, I am familiar with every industry and company here. Back against the placanticline from the major market, all crane related products and accessories, can be produced in a short time. There are also various kinds of mechanical equipment around the placanticline, such as vibrating screen, feeder, conveyor, crusher, vibrating rod, plate cutter, plate rolling machine, tower crane and other machinery and accessories.

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